Earn Money without investment 1-4

  Earn Money without investment

Part 4 - Free Crypto Earning Games

5 Step Strategy (No investment)

(Follow all steps as best as you can for the strategy to work effectively). Note that you need to follow step 4 only if you want to increase your earnings. But I would highly suggest that you do that after a month or so to make it all easier. I have made it easier by explaining every method I know. Just click on the links if any to go to the page and read about it more.

Difficulty - 6/10

Step1 :

Join all the below payment gateways, exchanges and wallets for free and receive your payments without investment easily. I have tested quite a few sites, and I found the below ones to be the best for this work.

  1. Wax Cloud Wallet - This will be your main wallet for all the games that you play on the wax blockchain. Note that you can also create subwallets.

  2. Alcor Exchange - This will be your primary exchange for exchanging all the in game currencies to other game currencies or WAX.

  3. Atomic Hub - This will be used to buy low to high priced NFTs if any game needs which you can find in the marketplace.

  4. Simple Market - This is also a similar market, which I haven’t explored much except when I bought my koloboks.

  5. NFT Hive - Another similar market.

  6. Token Pocket Wallet - You can use this wallet for playing games on the EOS blockchain

  7. Phantom Wallet - You can use this wallet for playing on the MATIC blockchain

  8. Metamask Wallet - You can use this wallet for playing on the MATIC blockchain


Join all the below free money earning crypto games for free and start making money. I have tested 100s of such games, and found the top 10 for you which are 100% genuine and paying from the past several years now, without investment. Not every site has all the features, so I would suggest you join most if not all of them for maximum earnings.

  1. Prospectors – This is 100% free. You can chop wood, mine stone, coal, ore, clay, and even gold. You can build your own goods producing buildings, hire people, invite people under you, deposit in the banks to earn interest, and a lot more.

  2. Prospectors - Grand land – (100% free too) Similar features as above as its the same game, just on a different server.

  3. Prospectors EOS – Free too, but EOS wallet account might not be free (roughly 2$ when I made my account account). Again, same game, different server.

  4. Crypture World (you get free starter hut and crypture) (free to play, get free starter kit on signup). At the time of writing this article, you will get 5+5 free adventures daily. Then 0.2 WAX per adventure. The 10 adventures are great to earn without investment and build your empire.

  5. Space Craft (you can start with cheap nft, after playing the free games above for few days and earning enough WAX)

  6. Farmer’s World - Another good NFT game on the WAX blockchain with relatively cheap NFTs

  7. Dragon Valley  - Another good NFT game on the WAX blockchain with relatively cheap NFTs

  8. Monsterra - Free to play, play to earn game, Good potential.

  9. Immersys - Upcoming free 3d game on wax blockchain

  10. Defi Land – Free to Play, Play to earn, might need to pay gas fees.

  11. OLand – Claim your free land in this upcoming metaverse game. This offer might be over when you read this.


Earn up to $5 per day per site without investment in just 1-2 months and 3-4 hrs of work daily. How? Read below.

  1. Keep doing in game tasks - In game tasks, like mining, woodcutting, manufacturing and then selling goods in prospectors, or mining in some other wax game, or feeding your pets in Defi Land, or breeding your monsters and doing daily missions in Monsterra Do these all the time to stockpile on different crypto coins.

  2. Do not cash out too soon - Instead, keep on reinvesting, and buying properties for instance in the game prospectors to increase your earnings.

  3. Sell NFTs - If you have crafted or earned NFTs you can easily sell them in the NFT marketplaces listed above for more earnings.

  4. Exchange your tokens - Exchange your tokens in Alcor exchange for example, to other tokens than the ones you have earned to start playing other games for free.


This step is to multiply your earnings. You will get decent amounts for inviting referrals if the feature is available. You will also be able to multiply your earnings if you do not invite anybody but you invest in these games, but you can test them out for free first, and even cash out for as long as you want, and also just reinvest and not invest at all, that is why this article. You can also choose to start playing more passive P2E games on your favourite blockchain.  The NFTs can be bought from atomichub or nfthive, you can also craft the NFTs using the in game currencies by exchanging the WAX which you earned from prospectors (if you are playing without investment) from Alcor Exchange link above.


Cash Out (Withdraw your money easily in one of the exchanges listed above. Each exchange will have its small fee but no investment needed, then you can swap to other cryptos or real cash in other exchanges on the internet.